Our Truth

At Pillar Financial, our philosophy is simple. To help our clients to develop a financial game-plan that’s easy to understand and achieve.

Because we value long-standing relationships, we tell it like it is. No nonsense and no ‘sales pitches’. We want our clients to feel relaxed about their decisions. To take comfort in the knowledge that we will do all the heavy lifting so that they don’t have to.

That’s why we’re into what we do. We get excited about helping people ‘get ahead’. Do more with what they have. Plan for tomorrow. Don’t stress about not having enough for the future.


You may be surprised to learn how accessible wealth can actually be. Our clients are diverse and all have their own unique set of goals and dreams. A variety of financial needs and expectations.
This means that you will be partnering with an organisation experienced in diversity. By taking the time to understand you, we are able to create a charter for your future prosperity.