Can or can’t. Which one are you?

How would you describe your relationship to money? Do you see it as a necessary evil or more as an opportunity to have the best life possible?

You may be surprised to learn that how you feel about money as an adult, may have something to do with how your parents felt about money as you were growing up. This may also have an impact on your current bank balance.

The human subconscious is a powerful thing. It plays a role in our day to day decision making and manifestations — whether we realise it or not.

For example, were your parents good savers or were they careless with their money? Perhaps your family was made up of one of each. Did your parents ever argue about money? Did either of your parents consider other people with lost of money ‘enemies of the people’ or ‘evil’? Or did your parents invest their money wisely and grow their own wealth significantly?

Did your parents ever tell you to ‘stop dreaming’ when you’d tell them you were going to be rich or did they encourage you to dream big?

What if deep down in your subconscious, you are quietly sabotaging your wealth dreams? And how would you even know without seeing a psychologist or doing some deep-regression therapy or hypnosis?

The important message here is it’s all about your attitude. A belief that you are in fact capable and deserving of wealth is a must. Chances are, if you don’t think you can improve your wealth position you won’t even try. Furthermore, it’s equally important to take ownership of your journey. It’s not helpful blaming others or in fact, waiting for others to do it for you or expecting some kind of miracle. Wealth creation doesn’t just happen. It takes time, thinking, planning and action.

Equally important is surrounding yourself with other like-minded people. The old adage ‘village mentality’ comes to mind. People who are on a path to wealth creation tend to keep the company of wealthy people as it serves to motivate and inspire them to do more. On the other hand, people who surround themselves with negativity or individuals who have no desire or drive to improve their wealth tend to get dragged down. These people will not be encouraging or supportive in any way, but rather discouraging as they prefer to keep you down with them rather than watching you get ahead.

Still, for some people remaining in the world of disbelief brings a sense of comfort. Talking oneself out of having a go at wealth creation is much easier and perceived as ‘safer’. Ironically, these same people will often begrudge their friends who may have more than they do, or the wealthy in general, somehow judging them as selfish or greedy.

Then there are those of us who simply feel they don’t deserve it. They pay more attention to others than they do their own dreams and aspirations. This also has a flow-on affect to their children and their attitudes towards wealth creation, and so the cycle continues.

So which one are you? Do you believe that you deserve the type of lifestyle financial wealth can help you achieve or are you going to settle for simply getting-by?