Got more down time? Looking for ideas to help pass the time and make the most of your current predicament?

Over the past few weeks the team at Pillar has been reaching out to many of the Pillar community to say hi and see how they’re fairing during these unpresented times. We have been uplifted and encouraged by the generally up-beat and philosophical conversations we’ve been having.

We’ve taken some of the anecdotes provided by our clients and put together a list of 5 activities which may give you and yours some ideas on how to make the best of a bad situation:

  1. Teach your kids how to use a vacuum cleaner. Whilst the floors may not be spotless, this will get them off the couch and give you more time for…
  2. Beer yoga. Yes this is a real thing. The government’s been encouraging all of us to do more exercise and what better way to enjoy it than by combining it with Australia’s favourite pastime? Clearly you will have to practice this at home during the current lock-down but you can find out more about beer yoga here. Tip: Don’t start on the beer before you hit the yoga mat!
  3. Fix all that stuff around the house that’s been busted for years. Sorry fellas, you can’t use the excuse of ‘Ill fix it when I have the time’ any more. The time is now! Just imagine how elated your partner will be to see stuff done.
  4. Check out some podcasts. This is actually a great idea for kids who are getting bored with X-Box or PlayStation (I know – who’d have thunk it?). There are some great podcast topics available for both adults and kids and they can be a great source of education, enlightenment and inspiration. It’s a great opportunity to explore a topic or interest that you’ve always thought about but never got round to looking at more seriously.
  5. Declutter your home. If you are like most people, you have probably accumulated many years worth of ‘stuff’ that you feel identifies with who you are. In truth however, most of the things we accumulate over the years say more about where we were at that particular stage of our lives rather than where we are now. Decluttering can have an amazing affect on one’s state of mind, reduce stress and anxiety, get rid of stuff that no longer serves you and make your home easier to clean. Here’s a great little article from Tiny Buddha that’s a great place to start.