How To Juggle Responsibilities Working From Home

Since it’s become more necessary during the COVID pandemic, working from home has affected the lives of millions of Australians. Working from home with other people present is often a mixed bag of fruitful days with exceptional productivity and dealing with constant mess, stress and tiredness. There are clearly pros and cons of working from home. For example, having your family around to support you while you work can lead to increased productivity, enthusiasm for work and morale levels in the home office. However, when the overall emotional state of a home office is waning, little complications can often get out of control quickly and require more energy than usual to reconcile. There are a few tricks which can be used to optimise working from home conditions regardless of your personal situation and increase the good times while limiting the bad. We explore a few examples below

Get More Organised: Getting organised can seriously help when you are constantly being interrupted by small distractions within the home office. Writing a weekly schedule can help you optimise the hours you have available by helping you to preplan the time where chores and household responsibilities do not need attention. If you allocate enough time for professional tasks, you will find deadlines are still met and, if you have them, the kids will have enough time with you to function properly.

Separate Domestic and Professional Responsibilities: No matter if you are a parent or a university student, it pays to separate the responsibilities demanded of us by our households and our employers. As well as scheduling tasks from both schools of life at separate times, you should also take time to step out from both roles in order to enjoy some much-needed personal time. This can benefit your mental health and ensure you are as invested in your domestic and professional responsibilities as you can when you need to be.

Plan for Distractions: Regardless of if you have kids or roommates, your routine can benefit if you leave yourself additional time at the end of each task on your schedule for distractions. No matter if baby needs feeding while Mum showers or if your roommate needs an iPhone charger, delegating an additional five to ten minutes on the hour can help you de-stress and give due consideration to the overall task of remaining productive and staying focused.

Ask For Extra Help If Its Needed

At the end of the day, irrespective of whether you work for yourself or an employer, you must remember that there is usually help around when you desperately need it. Whether its asking a colleague to give you a hand working on a project or deliverable so you have the time you need to drop the kids off at the school or asking your family for help looking after the new baby so you can focus on work, there are in most cases options available to help you split your responsibilities when working from home.

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