Is Refinancing Ripe For The Picking?

There’s no denying that we are still in unprecedented days.

As the economy continues its recovery under the strain of COVID-19 & property prices continue to soar, many Australians will naturally (and rightly so) tighten their purse strings and belt buckles to stretch finances further, this also enables them to free up cashflow and explore new Investment opportunities.

This heightened awareness and sensitivity towards our discretionary spending is both obvious and wise, but there is more low-hanging fruit in the area of finance for the 30% of Australians with a home loan.

While the 0.10 percent cash rate is certainly something to write home about, the attractive, albeit aggressive, tactics that banks are employing in the battle for business is where the real money-saving opportunity lies.

Lenders are launching limited time cashback deals up to $4,000 for eligible refinancers and new borrowers to entice them into becoming customers; and these offers are worth considering. They are even throwing in exclusive low fixed & variable rates not seen before to further reward new customers & entice them across.

These prime borrowing conditions are the motivation every homeowner needs to undertake a review of their existing home loan to identify the inevitable savings that await. Everyday homeowners are saving significant amounts of interest & increasing their overall borrowing capacity, freeing them to explore additional investment opportunities
With the banks competing for your attention in such a big way, speaking with a mortgage broker is the best way to cut through the clutter and complexity and find the right refinancing option. Their service comes at no cost to you – a very big plus when savings are the name of the game.

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