Getting the right price for your property boils down to how effectively you market it. Put simply, a clean and tidy home in need of only minor repairs (if any) will sell quicker and at a higher price than one that is looking tired and run-down.

A minor makeover can go a long way to giving your property the best possible opportunity to make a favourable impression to potential purchasers. And while it’s not rocket science, following a few basic tips should help ensure nothing is overlooked.

The exterior 

  • Ensure there is no peeling paint. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way in freshening up the outside of your home. It also gives the impression that you’ve looked after your property.
  • Clear the gutters and down-pipes of leaves and muck. If they are rusty with holes in them, consider having them replaced.
  • Make sure all out door lighting is working and bright.
  • Roof tiles – remove any moss from the roof – consider having the roof professionally cleaned;
  • Mow the lawns and trim the edges, prune overgrown hedges, etc.
  • Consider hiring a landscape gardener to tidy-up the garden.
  • Remove any grease and oil stains from the driveway.

Porch and veranda 

  • Paint or stain any timber decking if it’s looking weathered or has bare timber exposed.
  • Replace any broken or rotten timber boards.
  • Remove grass or moss growing in concrete or paving cracks;
  • Ensure your fencing is in good repair.

Front door 

  • Polish the doorknob, handle or ringer until they shine.
  • For timber doors, add a fresh coat of paint to get rid of nicks and scuff marks.
  • Make certain the screen is secure and any glass is clean.
  • Make sure the doorbell operates properly and there are no squeaks when the door opens and closes.
  • Ensure the door opens and closes effortlessly.


  • Clean all the windows-inside and out.
  • If needed, add a fresh coat of paint to the window trims and sills.
  • Make sure all windows open and close easily.
  • Replace cracked windowpanes and those with broken seals.
  • Make sure window screens are secure; replace any screens with holes or tears.