Sentiment Around Property Up As Restrictions Continue To Ease

According to a recent release from REA, realestate.com.au hit a record audience number in April of this year with some 11.2 visitors and the activity continued into May. The platform had a record 2.77 million views in the developer listings across new homes (off the plan property).

There’s even some speculation amongst commentators of Spring-like activity in Winter or at least an early Spring (traditionally a very active season for property sales). When you think about it, being in lockdown presented an opportunity for many people to reassess their positions, rethink their priorities and plan for the future. Now that people can venture out, they’re putting those plans into motion.

Search activity on realestate.com.au is up 37.7% year-on-year and as at the beginning of this month, had grown every week for nine consecutive weeks. Some of what we’re seeing is pent-up demand as a result of the pandemic forcing many sellers to hold off as more buyers come back into the market.